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다음에서 5월 30일 Daum UI DevDay라는 행사를 개최합니다. 5월26일까지 신청을 받는다고 하네요. 지금 바로 신청하세요.

사용자 삽입 이미지
- Daum의 UI 기술력
- 다음 메인 페이지에 담긴 비밀
- 미니다음 개편 사례: 20픽셀의 미학, 그 현재와 미래
- XUL을 이용한 개발 사례
- 한메일 Express iPhone 버전 개발 사례

- JRIA(Javascript RIA) Widget 구현의 핵심
- 액션스크립트3.0에 대한 개발자들의 호기심
- RIA와 Silverlight 2
- AJAX 채팅 애플리케이션 구현
- 써드파티 Web Application 개발
- Front-End 성능향상 Tip

Microsoft is dead

Ironically, Microsoft unintentionally helped create Ajax. The x in Ajax is from the XMLHttpRequest object, which lets the browser communicate with the server in the background while displaying a page. (Originally the only way to communicate with the server was to ask for a new page.) XMLHttpRequest was created by Microsoft in the late 90s because they needed it for Outlook. What they didn’t realize was that it would be useful to a lot of other people too—in fact, to anyone who wanted to make web apps work like desktop ones.

출처: http://www.paulgraham.com/microsoft.html

Ajax Development Links

General Articles

From Jesse James Garrett (who coined the term)

Basic Tutorials

For specific languages or libraries

General Ajax Information

Solutions to specific Ajax related issues

In depth Ajax use articles

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