Free Web Security Scanning Tools

you do Web application security assessments, this page is for you. We’ve gathered all of the tools and techniques discussed in Hacking Exposed: Web Applications (that we use every day as consultants) and cataloged them here. This is an abbreviated recitation of Appendix B in the book, with live hyperlinks for easy access. Keep your eyes on this space as we post custom scripts and tools from the authors!

Free Web Security Scanning Tools
N-Stalker NStealth Free Edition
Burp Suite
Paros Proxy
OWASP Webscarab

SQL Injection
SQL Power Injector by Francois Larouche
Bobcat (based on “Data Thief” by Application Security, Inc.).
Absinthe – free blind SQL injection tool
SQLInjector by David Litchfield
NGS Software database tools

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
RSnake’s XSS Cheat Sheet

IE Extensions for HTTP Analysis
IE Headers
IE Developer Toolbar
IE 5 Powertoys for WebDevs

Firefox Extensions for HTTP Analysis
LiveHTTP Headers
Tamper Data
Modify Headers

HTTP/S Proxy Tools
Paros Proxy
Fiddler HTTP Debugging Proxy
Burp Intruder
WatchFire PowerTools

Command-line HTTP/S Tools

Sample Applications
Bayden Systems’ “sandbox” online shopping application
Foundstone Hacme Bank and Hacme Books

Web Site Crawling/Mirroring Tools
Teleport Pro
Black Widow
Offline Explorer Pro

HTTPrint for fingerprinting web servers
Jad, the Java Dissasembler
Google search using “+www.victim.+com”
Google search using 뱎arent directory? robots.txt

Web Platform Attacks and Countermeasures
Microsoft IIS Security Bulletins and Advisories
Apache Security Bulletins
Metasploit Framework
Microsoft URLScan
Apache ModSecurity

Commercial Web App Vulnerability Scanners
Acunetix Enterprise Web Vulnerability Scanner
Cenzic Hailstorm
Ecyware GreenBlue Inspector
Syhunt Sandcat Suite
SPI Dynamics WebInspect
Watchfire AppScan
NTObjectives NTOSpider
Compuware DevPartner SecurityChecker
WhiteHat Security

Web Authentication Attack Tools
Brutus AET2
NTLM Authentication Proxy Server (APS)

XML Web Services (SOAP)
WebService Studio
XML eXternal Entity (XXE) Attack
XPath Injection
Blind XPath Injection” by Amit Klein

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