2007 Web Trend Map

Information Architecture Japan에서 작년말에 만든 2006년 성공웹사이트와 2007년 전망에 관해 정리한 자료인데 지도가 흥미롭다.

As a christmas and new year’s present to our clients and readers we have created three fun Internet overviews:

  1. The 50 loudest websites in 2006 and what made them successful
  2. Internet 2007 Predictions
  3. 2007 Web Trend Map in postcard format, DIN A4 or DIN A3 (PDF). 2007 Web Trend Map (.gif)

사용자 삽입 이미지
The iA Trend Map shows all the big players, the current Internet trends and how they’re connected, using the Tokyo Metro map. It’s totally unscientific and almost useless, but definitely fun to look at.

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